[Alt Text / ID:  GAUNT ‘Blind at The Age of Four’ record sleeve. A square image featuring the text ‘Blind at The Age of Four’ in bespoke italic font which augments causing the text to glitch and move, suspended on an image of a childlike face.]


Blind at The Age of Four

Debut album Blind at The Age of Four is the first full-scale entry into the anachronistic world of Jack Warne's GAUNT – a world of music, technological experimentation and visual art that has been building since his days at the Royal College of Art, where he first began to combine his talents as a designer and visual artist.  The album is built from ever-shifting loops of experimental electronics and accompanied by surreal, uncanny visuals. The album's title comes from Warne’s experience suffering from a rare eye condition – Thiel-Behnke Corneal Dystrophy. A hereditary dystrophy he's suffered since he was a child. This condition led to a young GAUNT spending weeks at a time in bed, in complete darkness.

The sheer sound of this thing is undeniable
Album of The Week - The Quietus

Sounds merge, shift shape and vaporise to compelling effect
8/10 Uncut

Frequently intense and always intriguing
Electronic Sound

The 12” Vinyl version of the album includes an Augmented Reality sleeve activated by a QR code through an instagram filter

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